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Select the number of generations you will want displayed in the pedigree. For most computer printers printing in Landscape mode, 5 generations is the best choice.

  • If you use slow search, entering "Smyth" will find all Springers whose names contain the letters "Smyth", including all those containing "Smythwicks" or "Smythewicks". Slow search is more thorough and accurate.
  • If you use fast search, you must provide a full word (not a partial word) for matches to show up; for example, entering "Whisper" will find all Springers whose names contain the full word "Whisper" but would not find those whose names contain "Whisperwinds" or "Whisperer". For more successful searches, please use a word longer than 3 letters and omit any 's at the end.
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