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Pedigree of 2005 NFC FC BJ's Dan of Danville
English Springer Spaniel

Male   Liver & White
SN82542104 4/19/2001

FC AFC 2000 CNFC Parker Sir Roberts
1994 NFC AFC KB's Sir Coach
NFC FC AFC Sunrise Zinger
AFC Sunrise Zachary
Porridge Hill's Zappa
Porridge Hill's Tracy
Breakwater Bess
AFC Coginchaug J
Kay Dee
Windy Acres Katy Bee
Saighton's Ty Gwyn Sensation
Kaymac's Haida Princess
Wal Lous Bronze Beauty
Breezy Point's Lightening Lee
Wal Lous Holly's Love
FC AFC Dansmirth's Reese
FC Dansmirth's Leprechaun
FC Saighton's Stat
FC Slattery Of Saighton
Saighton's Glenrock Regent
FC Sagemoor's Sugar And Spice
'79&'80 NAFC '80 NFC '80 CNFC Saighton's Scud
Lady Elizabeth Of Gunn
FC Dansmirth's Lot Of Class
FC Slattery Of Saighton
Beckfoot Flush
Saighton's Ty Gwyn Statice
Dansmirth's Touch Of Class
Dansmirth's Gun Case
Dansmirth's Cotton
FC AFC Don's Button Of Danville
FC Denalisunflos Jolly
1992 NFC FC Denalisunflos Ring
Midland's Maker
Strong's Maxwell
Bonnie Lass Of Suthron Glen
1988 NFC AFC Denalisunflos Bandita
Denalisunflos Lu Mox
Denalsunflos Duchess
Denalisunflos Betsey
FC Denalisunflos Kan
Denalisunflos Lu Mox
Denalsunflos Duchess
FC Grouse Wing Britches
FC CFC Strong's Seamus 1986 HI-POINT DOG
Dal-b Katrina
FC AFC Don's Ginger Of Danville
FC AFC Samson Of Saighton
1983 NFC 1983 NAFC Saighton's Scout (2)
'79&'80 NAFC '80 NFC '80 CNFC Saighton's Scud
Saighton's Spitfire
Dinas Dewi Silver Lady
FC Stinger's Image Of Saighton
Saighton's Scar
Fetchfeather's Nekoma
FC AFC J-J Aim High
FC 1971 NAFC Saighton's Signal
J-J Taffetta Lady Of Shrewsbury
FC Fetchfeather's Pocahontas
Irish Gunn's O'Clancy
Fetchfeather's Flicket