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Pedigree of NAFC FC AFC Conklin's Bandit
English Springer Spaniel

Female   White & Liver
SD146001 12/30/1980

FC AFC Ruff's Monterey Folly
Vic's Classy Chipper
FC AFC Sir Cricket
FTCH Ludlovian Socks
NFC FTCH Micklewood Scud
FTCH Ludlow Gyp
Nestucca Bridget
Square Peg Rebel
Douglas Sparkling Daisy
Pride Of Prunedale
Mike West
Sam Brown
Earl Of Avandale
Germaine Of Avandale
Miss Princess Of Apache
Dauphine Of Avandale II
FC Genies Glean
NFC FC AFC CFC Dewfield Bricksclose Flint
FTCH Berrystead Factor
Tenchleys Sargeant
Brackenbank Solo
Fressingfield Breeze
FTCH Berrystead Freckle
FTCH Jonkit Jasper
Jonkit Juno
Bricksclose Sable
FTCH Markdown Muffin
ENFC Rivington Glensaugh Glean
Ludlovian Diana FTW
FTCH Bricksclose Scilla
Hales Smut
Bricksclose Cherry
FC NAFC CFC AFC Sheila Of Sherwood
NAFC FC AFC Saighton's Signal
FTCH Saighton's Stinger
Saighton's Salmon
Creevanmore Brownie
Saighton's Speke
FTCH Saighton's Swing
Judy Of Ards
Hannah Rose Of Turner Farm
Duke Of Cascade
Michael Victor
Mit St Dee
Samantha Of Mcgilchrist
Hilvay's Tobias Of Union Hill
Princess Penlawn