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Pedigree of NFC FC AFC KB's Sir Coach
English Springer Spaniel

Male   Liver & White
SE758643 6/9/1986

NFC FC AFC Sunrise Zinger
AFC Sunrise Zachary
Porridge Hill's Zappa
FC AFC Jonell
AFC Eastwood Chip
AFC Gentle Fawn
Saighton's Sample (US)
AFC Eastwood Chip
Saighton's Sugar (US)
Porridge Hill's Tracy
AFC Eastwood Chip
FC Denalisunflo's Dilley
Denali Babe
AFC Gentle Fawn
Red Knob's Clem Of Rupor's
Farwin Fawn
Breakwater Bess
AFC Coginchaug j
FC Wivenwood Tramp
FTCH Homerton Rock
FTCH Braiswood Pimm
Coginchaug Gay
Dungarvan O'hagan
Coginchaug Kate
Kay Dee
FC AFC Jonell
AFC Eastwood Chip
AFC Gentle Fawn
Genesee Ginger
Julet's Earnest Buddy
Julet's Jude
Windy Acres Katy Bee
Tommy Knocker
Saighton's Ty Gwyn Sensation
FTCH Saighton's Stinger
Saighton's Salmon
Creevanmore Brownie
Ty Gwyn Flush
Adam Of Ardmore
Gwibernant Gelli
Kaymac's Haida Princess
NAFC FC AFC Saighton's Signal
FTCH Saighton's Stinger
Saighton's Speke
CFC Yr Wybyrnant
Hales Smut
Gwibernant Gwaed
Wal Lous Bronze Beauty
Breezy Point's Lightening Lee
Breezy Point's Van Casey
Lester of Avandale
Marchamley Teal
Breezy Point's Fiona
Lester Of Avendale
Gwibernant Gariad
Wal Lous Holly's Love
NFC NAFC FC AFC CNFC Joysam's Solo Sam
NFC NAFC FC AFC Dansmirth's Gunshot
AFC Breezy Point's Prudence
Lady Penelope Of Zetland
Shannon Of Galway Bay
Margaret Of Lady Pat