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Pedigree of NAFC FC CFC Orion's Arch Rival
English Springer Spaniel

Male   Liver & White
SE896268 7/5/1986

FC CFC Canspan's Magnum D- Two
CFC FC Drake Of Charel
FC Brackenbriar Snapshot Jr
NFC FC Brackenbriar Snapshot
Earlsmoor Brackenbriar
Brackenbriar Blaze
Ru-Chars Rag-a-muffin
FC AFC Denalisunflos Coffey
AFC Bethsaida's Blythe Spirit
NFC AFC FC Dot Of Charel
AFC Denalisunflos Buck
Hardthill's Toto
Dungarvan Miss Kansas
Hogan's Hawk
Brackenbriar Bonus
FC Lily Of The Valley
Springville Witch
FC Saighton's Superspeed
FTCH Saighton's Stinger
Saighton's Salmon
Creevanmore Brownie
Saighton's Glenrock Regent
Saighton's Sort
Saighton's Samanther
Breezy Point's Indian Babe
Breezy Point's Roughneck
NFC NAFC FC AFC Dansmirth's Gunshot
Breezy Point's Balla 2nd
Breezy Point's Cindy Capilano
Gwibernant Goldeneye Flash
Cadoxton's Betty
FC Sally Of The Mountain
FTCH Robbson Of Gwibernant
FTCH Gwibernant Ashley Robb
Hales Smut
Conygree Simon FTW
Breckonhill Brando FTW
Nell Of Ardoon FTW
Rockie Of Ardoon (rocky?)
Gwibernant Gwenellian
Macsiccar Auchertyre Donna FTW
FTCH Markdown Marcus
FTCH Markdown Mag
Shelcot Sheena
FTCH Drumbro Daisy
FTCH Denhead Walnut
Reece Of Elan
Tri - Hayes Mallard
FTCH Crowhill Raffle
Hales Smut
Conygree Simon FTW
Breckonhill Brando FTW
Crowhill Tart
FTCH Micklewood Story
Crowhill Flirt
FTCH Crowhill Sal
Brackentwist Spark
Dasher Dick
Scamp Of Ardoon
Dyan's Pride
FTCH Sliguy Of Ardoon
Magheralough Nora