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click for large photo Pedigree of NAFC FC Redcoats Reply (Chip)
English Springer Spaniel

Male   Liver & White
SN18243202 6/22/1994


FC AFC Redcoats Request
FC CFC Strong's Seamus
Saighton's Strong
FTCH Robbie Of Barnacre
FTCH Markdown Mag
FTCH Sallie Of Barnacre
Saighton's Supersleek
FTCH Saighton's Stinger
Saighton's Glenrock Regent
Saighton's Chama
Saighton's Seeking
Saighton's Sting
Silla Of Saighton
Saighton's Spitfire
FC Slattery Of Saighton
Saighton's Sheen
Dal-b Katrina
NFC FC Burcliff's Brandi
FC AFC Saighton's Satins Swell
FTCH Saighton's Stinger
FC Saighton's Satin
Burcliff's Blissful
AFC Saighton's Stint
Breezy Point's Wilhelnena
NFC AFC Wind Riding Streak
Dondea's Moonlite Revenge
NFC FC Burcliff's Brandi
Dondea's Dolly II
Paradise Valley's Jessica
Saighton's Stilletto
Mountain Ash Cecilia
AFC Ru-Chars Shannon
FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger Jr
FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger
FC AFC Denalisunflos Coffey
FC Denalisunflo's Dilley
Denali Babe
AFC Bethsaida's Blythe Spirit
FC Rilson Of Ranscombe
Buttonwood Hi Vel
Ru-Chars Rocky Creek
FC AFC Sulphur Creek Jeff
NFC NAFC FC AFC Dansmirth's Gunshot
Sulphur Creek Rocket
Ru-Chars Rag-a-muffin
FC AFC Denalisunflos Coffey
AFC Bethsaida's Blythe Spirit
Sunrise Bess
AFC Sunrise Zachary
Porridge Hill's Zappa
FC AFC Jonell
Saighton's Sample (US)
Porridge Hill's Tracy
AFC Eastwood Chip
AFC Gentle Fawn
Sunrise Jude j
AFC Coginchaug j
FC Wivenwood Tramp
Coginchaug Gay
Kay Dee
FC AFC Jonell
Genesee Ginger