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Pedigree of NAFC AFC Mountain View's Thesaloniki
English Springer Spaniel

Female   White & Liver
SN73031011 4/14/2000

FC AFC Shimmering Aires Warrior
Ru-Chars Nutmeg Baron
NFC FC Ru-Chars Country Boy
FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger Jr
FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger
Ru-Chars Rocky Creek
Sunrise Bess
AFC Sunrise Zachary
Sunrise Jude J
AFC Ru-Chars Autumn Mist
FC AFC Ru-Chars Rise And Shine
FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger Jr
Sunrise Sno-seal
AFC Windbourne's September-Morn
Rush Of Harwes
Windbourne's Thumbprint
Butterfield's Shimmering Mele MH
FC AFC Pondview's Windy Acres Yankee
NFC FC AFC Sunrise Zinger
AFC Sunrise Zachary
Breakwater Bess
2XNFC AFC Wind Riding Streak
Dondea's Moonlite Revenge
Paridise Valley's Jessica
FC AFC CFC Butterfield's Yes I Can
FC CNFC Patchwood's Trapper
NFC 2XNAFC CNFC Saighton's Scud
FC AFC Dungarvan's Right On
AFC CFC My High Hope
NFC 2XNAFC CNFC Saighton's Scud
FC AFC Greenbriar Domino
AFC Sunnybright Sadie MH
Wenmouth Breac
FTCH Badgercourt Flint Of Sealpin
FTCH Bricksclose Masterpiece
Rat-A-Tat FTW
Bricksclose Midi-Too FTW
FTCH Badgercourt Dusty
FTCH Rytex Rex
FTCH Badgercourt Susan
Wenmouth Snipe
FTCH Parkmaple Zip
Parkmaple Sweep
FTCH Parkmaple Jolly
Kim Of Wenmouth
Rodie Of Glamis
Scillie Isle Scamper
Drury Daybreak
FTCH Kenine Robb Of Rytex
Badgercourt Gryphon
FTCH Bricksclose Masterpiece
FTCH Badgercourt Dusty
Birtenshaw Bramble
FTCH Raffle Of Rytex
Garendon Sally Of Drakeshead
Drury Poppet
FTCH Rytex Rod
Inler's Gruff
FTCH Rytex Ria
Drury Damsel
FTCH Cortman Lane
FTCH Drury Girl