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In our quest for pedigree information we have collaborated with many others. This project started out in early 2001 while I was researching the backgrounds of some of Dennis Smith's "Smythwicks" dogs; after a while it became obvious that a more complete database would not only help me fill out my 10-gen peds, but it was information that would be of great benefit to all in the ESS community. We hope that you will participate in this cooperative effort. As of February 2009, almost 30,000 English Springer Spaniels are now listed in our database.

And in February of 2009, we introduced an on-line pedigree retriever using the Alfirin engine. This tool will allow you to build pedigrees on-line, and with the clickable links, you can chase the lines as far as we go. Also note the "breeding info" links on each page.

Practically speaking, we have maxxed out the capabilities of the Pedigree 4.09 program that we formerly supported. It will only handle approximately 32,500 entries. And so we will no longer be able to publisg a downloadable datafile file for public distribution. I think you will like the new system much better. Feel free to submit pedigree information on-line; updates to the new system are very simple.

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Other Pedigree Resources:

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  • OFA Health Database Note frequent typos
  • CERF Online Verification Eye database
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  • Fred Lanting PennHip Article excellent!

  • Kennel Links Field-Bred ESS

  • The Ru-Char Files Information and Pedigrees

  • Alpha-List Not current                              
  • Database Emphasis Although our database started with primarily US Field Bred ESS, and especially those in competition, we have found it necessary to delve past that boundary- because quite frankly, the breeders have. So you will find our database quite comprehensive. We collaborate fully with other ESS databases and provide links to them on this page.

    Terms and Conditions

    You may access the database in its various forms for your own personal use, including the generation of pedigrees for distribution for dogs you own, breed or sell. Otherwise, you may not redistribute this database (free, or for charge) as it is, or incorporated into a larger database, without written permission. Use of web harvester robots or any other means of copying contents of this database, in whole or in part, for any commercial purpose is expressly prohibited. Although the individual pedigree entries are part of the "public domain", the aggregate compilation presented in this website is copyright © 2009 William D. Fawcett &, all rights reserved. Commercial exploitation is prohibited. By downloading the database, you signify your agreement to these terms and conditions. All database searches are logged.

    Beware of those who compile and sell static databases. We are constantly refining our database, making corrections where needed, and adding new dogs. Quite frankly, those who merchandise database information for dozen of breeds wouldn't recognize mistakes that a specailist would notice at a glance.

    Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of our database, however discrepancies may arise. Please email your corrections and pedigree contributions to or use the online form.

    Click here for more infoMike Smith's, "Working Springers & Cockers", is a must for any spaniel lover. It is a world-wide best seller. Working Springers & Cockers covers training, pedigrees and the views of field trial personalities. There is also much information on successful bloodlines and it has over 100 photographs, some dating back to the 1930's. A great source for UK FTCH info. More info at

    The pedigree information includes Breeder and Owner info, and there is a section on Cockers as well. "I like this book". Thats the short review. Read Bill Fawcett's entire reveiw of this book in the Spaniel Journal.


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