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Ru-Char Foundation Stock

According to Ruth Greening, Ruth and Charles aquired their first Springer from Dean Bedford in 1954. Within a few years they had switched completely from Cockers to Springers. Because of difficulties getting "Springers that were as sound as our Cockers had been," they eventually bought their foundation bitch, Bethsaida's Blythe Spirit (Bly) from Jean Hutchenson.

The Ru-Char line, as we know it today, traces its origin to Denalisunflo's Coffey and Bly. The first three significants came from two litters of this breeding in the late 60's. Subsequent Ru-Char's stock show linebreeding back to this foundation, see for instance Roger Jr, who is arguably the cornerstone of the Ru-Char line.

According to Edd Roggenkamp, "Coffey was considered to be an 'Outlaw' even by his owner/Handler Billie Garvan. But while he was only moderately successful in trials, when bred to bitches with more stable temperaments, most puppies tended to get drive from Coffey and mental stability from the bitch."



FC AFC Denalisunflo's Coffey
x AFC Bethsaida's Blythe Spirit


NFC FC Brackenbriar Snapshot
x Ru-Chars Rag-A-Muffin


Sulphur Creek Jeff
x Ru-Chars Rag-A-Muffin


FC Squall of Saighton
x FC AFC Ru-Char's Rosalyn

FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger
x Fawn's Chipper Maxine


FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger
x Chasemore Pepe Orange


FC AFC Ru-Chars Roger
x Ru-Chars Rocky Creek


FC AFC Meadowrock Rowdy Roger
x Ru-Chars Rocky Creek


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