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AFC CFC Ru-Char's Citations Reward (Scamp)

We didn't get Scamp until he was 3 1/2 yrs old. It took him approximately a year until he trusted us enough to become the wonderful, loyal dog that he was. I do not know what he would have been like if we would have had him at a much younger age.

Scamp - 1996 I remember at a field trial in E Nebraska. If you've ever been to that trial, you'll know that a lot of the cover is very high (over my 5' head) and very thick. Scamp was working his little heart out in this cover when he flushed a bird. The guns shot it on the second shot. We were sent for the retrieve. We could not see Scamp. After several long minutes I thought he should have been to the bird and on his way back but I didn't hear any rustling so I whistled him in. He didn't come, still no noise. What seemed like forever, still no Scamp and still no noise. The judge dismissed me. As I was walking back through the gallery on my way to who knows where to find Scamp, here he comes dragging back holding a wounded bird in his mouth. He had a heart of gold!

Scamp was everything I wanted in a field trial dog - loyal, competitive, and my buddy. What I asked him to do, he did.

Pat Bramwell, Spivey, KS





AFC CFC Ru-Char's Citations Reward
x Wind River Molly


AFC CFC Ru-Char's Citations Reward
x FC AFC CFC Tridon Orion Ms American Pie


AFC CFC Ru-Char's Citations Reward
x Tridon's Thumbelina



Scamp with Don Bramwell at a cold Kansas National - 1996




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